Pin 2 Pick Up Ford F100 4x4

Pin Daihatsu Delta truck, for transportation of personnel and heavy equipment.

Pin R.I.B (Rigid Inflatable Boat), 5,40 m lenght. Yamaha 60 HP engine.

Pin Cabin R.I.B. 10,00 m length, 2x 115 HP Yamaha engines.

Pin Inflatable boat, 4.00 mts length, Evinrude 35 HP engine.


Pin Digital Sony PD-100 mini DV CAM Video.

Pin Sartek Micro Camera for hull.

Pin Sartek H.I.D Light for hull.

Pin Ikelite halogen Light, 100 watts.

Pin 200 meters monitor Cable.

Pin Sony Monitors.

Pin Nikonos V 35 mm-photographic Cameras with Nikonos SB103 and SB102 flashes, and 35, 28, 20 and 15 mm lenses.

Pin Sony submarine digital Camera.

Pin Clear water cone zero visibility water exposures

Pin Immediate access to Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV).

Pin Video Camcorder Sony HVR-A1U MiniHDV CAM

Pin Video Lights Ikelite Led Pro – V8

Pin DVD recorder Philips 60 G - 720 x 480 lines

Pin Digital Camers Sony Cybershot 12 Mp


Pin Wet and dry diving suits

Pin Kirby Morgan Face Masks with communication and double air circulation.

Pin 17K Superlite Kirby Morgan Hull.

Pin 100 meters Safety Umbilicals.

Pin 10 m3 Tube Rack for extended operations.

Pin Kirby Morgan 2A Diving control System.

Pin Bauer Mariner and Bauer Junior Compressors.

Pin Low pressure Compressor.

Pin OTS diver /surface communication sets.

Pin Drysuits Cressi Sub y Typhoon. Wetsuits

Pin Drysuit Dui for contaminated waters

Pin Fibron Umbilicals


Pin NDE Cygnus I underwater equipment for measuring thickness.

Pin Mc Miller Equipment for measuring electric potentials.

Pin Furuno manual Echo sounder.

Pin Cygnus pitting meter.

Pin Hydraulic tools.

Pin Hull cleaning machine.

Pin Hilti pneumatic tools.

Pin Brocco and Arcair Equipment for underwater cutting and welding.

Pin Cetec low pressure Moto compressor.

Pin Yamaha Generator.

Pin Flyght submersible pumps.

Pin Honda Moto pumps.

Pin Tauro 350 Welder.

Pin Lift bags.

Pin Air lifts.

Pin Hydraulic power unit 24 HP

Pin Hydraulic power unit 11 HP

Pin Hydraulic head for Propeller polishing

Pin Hydraulic Twin head Armada for hull cleaning