Pin 2002

Removal of faulty propeller, mounting of repaired B/M Kinsho Maru propeller, utilizing 200 tons hydraulic extractor. > In water survey B/T Libertador San Martin. Rada Pto Madryn, Lloyd´s Register of. Shipping Antares Naviera S.A. > Installation of echo sounder transductor on B/M Beagle. Pto Ushuaia (Port), for Yuken S.A. > Assistance in fishing zone (200 miles) B/M Latina I. Removal of anchor on propeller wrapper. Pesquera Madryn S.A. > Inspection, filming and monitoring of pier at Pto Camarones. (Several inspections were performed at this pier tht caved in due to a big storm). Unidad Ejecutora Portuaria Provincial Chubut. > Underwater Inspection of B/M Zenith, cruiser.

Pin 2003

Several underwater assistance jobs (mounting, inspections, support w/ship) during extension work at muelle Luís Piedra Buena F/ D.Y.O.P.S.A. > Inspection after collision of B/M Argenmar Madryn. Photographs, filming. F/Segmar S.A. > Cutting, slinging and assistance for in depth removal of 9 metallic 1 m dia piles, from a collapsed dolphin. F/D.Y.O.P.S.A. > installation of 60 kg sacrificial anodes, through underwater welding, in fire cell. Muelle Piedra Buena. F/D.Y.O.P.S.A. > Assistance and repair of damage B/M Urabain. Installation of patch on crack, on hull using welding. F/Iberconsa S.A. > installation of flashboards at worksite. Sealing of them. Dique Ameghino. F/Hidroeléctrica Ameghino S.A. > Maintenance and supervision work for piles. Installation of 400 sacrifice anodes, weighing 60 kg. Muelle Storni.

Pin 2004

In water survey B/T San Julián, Rada Pto Madryn. Lloyd´s Register. F/Antares Naviera S.A.> Measuring thickness and electric potentials. Checking of welding. Deepening of bases (2 meters.) in sunken piles zone to determine thickness and potentials. A.P.P.M. (Concurso privado de precios) (Private price bid) Muelle Storni. > In water survey M/V Norwegian Crown, cruiser. > Mounting of flashboards for unloading equipment. Dique Ameghino. Depth 50 meters. Hidroeléctrica Ameghino S.A. > Bathymetric check up. Puerto Rawson. D.Y.O.P.S.A. > Removal hauling equipment of propulsion installation, B/P Puente America. Pereira Argentina S.A. > In water survey, M/T Cabo Tamar. V Ships Agency S.A. Rada de Pto Madryn. > Cutting of 6 metallic piles at the Muelle Luís Piedra Buena. F/D.Y.O.P.S.A. > Rescue operation of B/P Siempre Don Pablo. Isla Escondida, Pto Rawson.

Pin 2005

Bathymetric check up at the Comodoro Rivadavia and Caleta Cordoba ports N.A.G.Consulting Group. > In water survey B/M. "Ainu Princes" The South American Trading agency > Inspection of underwater grounds, buoys and anchor gear. Muelle Embarcadero Punta Colorada. F/Loginter S.A. Search and recovery of anchors, chains, defences and bollard plaques. B/M Yaktemi. Pta Colorada, Sierra Grande. F/Gruamar S.A. > Deepening of riber bed on Rio Chubut, Dolavon. Gas pipeline works TGS, Skanska. > In water survey B/M. "Argenmar Madryn" Segmar s.a. > Mounting protection shields, 6 units. Muelle Embarcadero Punta Colorada. F/Loginter S.A > Inspection of piles. Measuring of thickness and electric potentials, pictures taken. Muelle Quebracho, Puerto San Martin, San Lorenzo, Santa Fé. F/Cargill S.A.C.I. > Reinstoring of cathode protection system through print current at pier in Pta. Colorada. Loginter S.A. > Sealing through underwater injection of an epoxy compound in a crack of casting wall at extension works performed for "Ampliación de Planta Aluar" > Assistance with divers in reconstruction works at Puerto de Camarones, F/ D.Y.O.P.S.A.

Pin 2006

In water survey B/T Pte Arturo Illia, Rada Pto Madryn. Lloyd´s Register. F/Antares Naviera S.A.> In water survey M/V Maersk Ferrol, muelle Storni. F/Germanischer Lloyd. > Mounting of hanging bridge on rio Chubut, Florentino Ameghino> In water survey M/V Maersk Rosario. San Antonio Este. F/Germanischer Lloyd. > Assistance with divers and location of coreloc in repair works for muelle (pier) de Camarones. F/D.Y.O.P.S.A. > Measuring of axle clearance for propeller support, M/V Jose Fuchs, rada Puerto Madryn , F/Antares Naviera S.A. > In water survey M/V Fantasy I, rada Puerto Madryn, F/ R.I.NA. > In water survey M/V Canelo Arrow, muelle storni, P/Det Norske Veritas > Inspection and night filming M/V. Voc Pioneer, rada Puerto Madryn, F/V. Ships Agency S.A. > Inspection and filming of rudder M/V. Canelo Arrow muelle Storni F/Det Norske Veritas. > Checking of solid piles at muelle Storni, Puerto Madryn.

Pin 2007

NDT and inspection on steel piles Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn. Rudder system convertion (Becker to conventional) F/T Thor y F/T Frey, Puerto Madryn> Anchor search and rescue. Río Gallegos. Antares Naviera S.A. In water survey M/V Aliança Cordillera, Puerto Deseado. Germanischer Lloyd> In water survey M/V Overseas Rubymar, Luis Piedrabuena jetty, Puerto Madryn Lloyd´s Register of Shipping > In water survey M/V Maersk Funchal , Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn, Germanischer Lloyd. > In water survey M/V Bugsy , rada Pto Madryn, R.I.N.A.> In water survey M/V San Matias I, Puerto Madryn, Lloyd´s Register of Shipping> : NDT and inspection on steel piles Ingeniero White jetty, Buenos Aires, Cargill S.A.C.I.> In Water Survey M/V Verdel , Bahía Blanca, Bureau Veritas> In water survey M/V Rahana, Ushuaia, Germanischer Lloyd>In water survey M/V Ozge Aksoy, Puerto Quequen, Necochea, Nippon Kaiji Kiokai> In water survey M/V San Julian, Puerto Madryn Lloyd´s Register of Shipping> Obra Muelle Camarones.Dem. Demolition with explosives. Remotion of sea bottom D.Y.O.P.S.A

Pin 2008

Underwater cutting and remotion of piles Rio Chubut. p/ Seta Hidrovial S.A. >In water survey M/V Norwegian Dream, Puerto Madryn, Det Norske Veritas.> In wáter survey of paint scheme M/V. Front Symphony. Comodoro Rivadavia. p/Jotun Coatings >Underwater dredging in for pile base. Muelle Storni, Puerto Madryn. Administración Portuaria Puerto Madryn. > assestment and supervisión of diving safety durin TBN 132 barge salvage, sinking near of Puente Remanso, Asunción del Paraguay. Transbarge Navegación S.A. In water survey M/V Siskin Arrow, Puerto Madryn, Det Norske Veritas> Propeller polishing M/V Rhein, Puerto Madryn.> Hull cleaning and prop. polishing, M/V. Green Guatemala .San Antonio Este jetty, Rio Negro. Navisur S.A. > .> Hull cleaning and prop. polishing, , M/v. Green Costa Rica. San Antonio Este jetty, Rio Negro. Navisur S.A.> In water survey M/V. Nova Terra Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn. Navisur S.A. > In water survey and bow thruster repairs M/V. Crane Arrow. Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn. Agemar SRL.> In Water Survey “M/v Recoleta”, Lloyd´s Register, Puerto Madryn> San Martin Gas pipeline survey, anchoring system inspection, North shore, Magallanes strait TGS> Hull inspection, “M/v. San Julián”, Antares Naviera S.A., Comodoro Rivadavia> In Water Survey M/v. Barbet Arrow, Storni Jetty, Puerto Madryn DNV. Underwater cutting damaged bilge keel “M/v. San Julián”, Puerto Madryn, Antares Naviera S.A.> Cutting of a damaged prop. blade, M/v. Maersk Visual, Puerto Rosales, Bahía Blanca DNV. > In Water Survey Trawlers “Argenova I Argenova VI”,Puerto Deseado, Bureau Veritas. In water survey and controlable pitch system fluid leaking repair M/v “Libertador San Martin”.km3 jetty, Cdro Rivadavia. Antares Naviera SA>Propeller polishing, M/v. Pelican Arrow, Storni jetty.>

Pin 2009

In Water Suvey, Prop. Polishing and hull cleaning F/t. Odin, F/t. Frigg, F/t. Thor, F/t. Frey, Storni jetty. Unimed Glory S.A.> In Water Survey, B/T “Poti”, Puerto Madryn Lloyd`s Register of Shipping Petrobras s.a.> In Water Survey, M/v “English Star”, San Antonio Este jetty, DNV.> Fishnet entangling removing, F/t Odin, South Pacific, Unimed Glory s.a. ( 32º 31` 45" S - 84º 38`65" W ) . Hull cleaning M/V Barbet Arrow, Storni jetty KGJS.> Hull cleaning M/V Overseas Rubymar, Puerto Madryn ,Antares Naviera SA> Hull cleaning M/V Pelican Arrow, Storni jetty, KGJS. >In Water Survey, M/V CSAV Rotterdam, Puerto Madryn Germanischer Lloyd. >Damaged sonar dome replacement. F/T Dong San Hon, Puerto Deseado. RC International SA.> Prop.polishing M/V CSAV Rotterdam, Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn.> Hull cleaning M/V Spruce Arrow Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn.> In water Survey F/T Frey , Puerto Madryn, Storni jetty. DNV. > In Water inspection and sacrificial anodes welding. F/T Thor, F/T Frigg, F/T Frey, F/T Odín. Puerto Madryn, Storni jetty.> Underwater Thickness Measurement M/V Westfield, Storni jetty,Puerto Madryn Lloyd´s.

Pin 2010

Buoyancy tanks gas pipeline recovery San Martín II, Magallanes Strait, North Shore. P/Boskalis Int.>In Water Survey M/V Seven Seas Mariner, Piedrabuena jetty Puerto Madryn DNV.>In Water Survey M/V Infinity Celebration, Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn Lloyd`s. >Rope guard welding asssembly F/T Odin. Unimed Glory S.A. Puerto Madryn, Storni jetty. >In Water Survey, M/V Clipper Kylie, Puerto Madryn, ABS.> Propeller polishing M/V Tinamou Arrow, Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn.> Rudder bushing clearance measurement M/v Poti, Puerto Madryn.>In Water Survey M/V Overseas Rubymar, Puerto Madryn Lloyd`s.> Damaged Propeller inspection M/V Pietari Cloud, S.A.E jetty> Anchor line search and rescue M/V Uruguay Star, S.A.E.>Prop. polishing, M/V Tsuru Arrow, Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn.< In Water Survey M/V Clipper Kitty, Puerto Madryn, ABS< In Water Survey.Rope guard underwater welding assembly zing anodes welding, M/V Cabo Vírgenes, Piedrabuena jetty, Lloyd´s. >Hull cleaning M/V Front Runner, Puerto Madryn > Hull inspection and Prop. polishing M/V Auk Arrow, Storni jetty, Puerto Madryn KGJS.